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  • Get More People from Your Facebook Page to your Website

    Your social media is attracting a following.  The trick now is to get those followers on your website and even trickier, to make a purchase.  You need to drive your social media traffic to your website.  Here are some tips to accomplish this feat: 1.        Create links from your website on social media.  For example, […]
  • Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

    Create a successful digital marketing campaign with these tips. Update monthly. A relationship with your prospects is like a relationship with your significant other. You must constantly work to pursue them, or keep them on board with the partnership. Your leads need to be “wooed.” Make sure to update them with newsletters or monthly blurbs […]
  • Must Have Social Media

    You are entering the world of social media.  There are a few sites that you must create a presence.  Here is a list: Facebook: Facebook reigns as the most popular social media site Facebook is home to more than 1.19 billion users 71 percent of the US adult population is on Facebook Facebook is the […]