Your social media is attracting a following.  The trick now is to get those followers on your website and even trickier, to make a purchase.  You need to drive your social media traffic to your website.  Here are some tips to accomplish this feat:

1.        Create links from your website on social media.  For example, when you are creating Facebook post, highlighting a product, ensure that it links back to your website.  It should link to the page where that product can be purchased.  Then, one that page in your website, add similar products that the customer might also like. 

2.       Make it easy to share content from your website on social media.  For example, a customer is on your website looking at some new boots, have social media links prevalent on the page for her to post the boots on social media.  This will cause a domino effect.  All of her friends (many with the same taste) will see her share on social media and go to your site to view the boots.  You will also gain a larger audience. 

3.       Optimize how you post to Facebook.  There are a couple different ways to add a link to Facebook:

·         The first is to copy and paste the link directly to your status.  This is easy but often the image that is pulled with the link is not good.  The image can be too small and the post not as visually pleasing as you would like. 

·         The next method would be adding the photo and then posting the link.  This gives you more control of the working and the image. 

·         Finally, you can add the link and “x” out the image.  This is not popular since Facebook is very visual and the Facebook algorithm shows fewer text only posts. 

4.       Take advantage of other link areas in social media.  For example, Facebook allows you to add buttons at the top of your page to link to your website.  Use the “About Us” page to also link to your site and any place that you can add links. 

Hopefully, these tips will get more visitors from social media to your website.  If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency with a proven track record, give us a try!