Social Media (3)You are entering the world of social media.  There are a few sites that you must create a presence.  Here is a list:


  • Facebook reigns as the most popular social media site
  • Facebook is home to more than 1.19 billion users
  • 71 percent of the US adult population is on Facebook

Facebook is the best platform to generate brand awareness. It uses analytics like Google with which you can view your reach on each post, your newest page likes and followers. As far as engagement goes, Facebook is the champ. Facebook is a necessary social media marketing platform for all companies.


  • Twitter is the second most recognizable platform, but is fourth in usage
  • 288 million users, 18% of the US adult population are on Twitter
  • 46% of users log in on a daily basis, and many use it several times throughout the day

We recommend Twitter to all marketing companies, sports related businesses and news outlets. Why? Twitter is the most in-the-moment social media marketing platform. If your business focuses on daily happenings and hourly updates, Twitter is the best option for you. Twitter is also great for increased brand awareness, relationship building and engagement with your customers. Not to mention, Twitter made popular the use of hashtags to meta-tag trending stories. Use this to your advantage.


  • 300 million users, up from 200 million nine months ago. Incredible growth rate.
  • 26% of adults use Instagram, up from 16% is 2013
  • Image-based platform

Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses with a visual content appeal. Examples would be restaurants, clothing lines, technology, designers, video game stores and creators, and more.

There are many more sites that you could create a presence.  Depending on your target audience and their preferences, you might consider adding them to your social media strategy.