Digital Marketing Agency

Create a successful digital marketing campaign with these tips.

Update monthly. A relationship with your prospects is like a relationship with your significant other. You must constantly work to pursue them, or keep them on board with the partnership. Your leads need to be “wooed.” Make sure to update them with newsletters or monthly blurbs containing relevant content to attract their attention.

Stay active. Blog and share social media posts frequently, and strive to connect with your prospects so that they do not feel forgotten or unvalued. In everything you share, include a call to action and attempt to connect. Lead nurturing is all about giving your clients what they need to keep you in mind for future ventures, but not at the risk of suffocating them. How do you find the balance?

Give the people what they want. Interaction and connectivity are important, but so is respectable space. Daily emails and biweekly newsletters become a hassle all too easily. Make sure to set a schedule so that your sharing is consistent and your audience knows what to expect and when to expect it. That being said, you must include the choice to opt out or unsubscribe. Lead nurturing is about care—not force.

Remain personal. Without a personal touch in your messages, it is easy to have your newsletters, email offers, etc. sent straight to the junk folder. Adopt a customer mindset. Would you prefer to do business with someone who calls you by name and shares your best interests, or another faceless company reaching out to you? Make sure that your prospects are connected with a point person. Give them a name to contact, if needed. Never let your prospects see your company without familiar brand values and personality associated.

Be patient. Sometimes, that fish just is not going to bite. Sometimes, that fish is waiting for just the right moment. If only 5% of your prospects are ready to purchase, make sure to keep the other 95% satisfied and intrigued as well. Lead nurturing is the sure, but steady way to increase sales and retain your client base.